FootBiking and Switch Kicking For Great Shape

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Footbiking is a stand alone activity or a starting point for beginner switch kicking. Switch kicking as it sounds is the skill set used to kick to the left of the footbike and on the right side as well. Of the three switch kick sports footbiking requires next to no balance development at all. That is the wonderful part about it. Jump on and off you go. No big balance requirement and all the same gluteus maximus muscle activation. Skateboards and SpikeBoarding switch kick power development is best done with footbiking during hill repetitions and sprints. All endurance skateboarders and spikeboarders will have and use footbikes same as swimmers use kick boards to isolate and fine tune their kicking style and power.

If you are looking to lean your legs and power your gluts simply with very little skill set, then you just found the most amazing sport and device on the planet. FootBiking is an amazing endurance sort for the whole family.

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